Update 2014

The current update includes as importand fact: The connection of the first US-line of Flenner. Now the gap could be close. Many years and different parties was searching on it.
Johannes Flender (*1709) arrived in USA 1741. Comming from Rotterdam on the ship  "St. Mark" under Kapitän Wilson.
This was cleare in all, based on documentations in the book from Dr. Omar Nay. Additionaly on the personal page of Johannes Flender you can see more about it. This line is called "Flenner" and has more than 2.000 descendants in the US.

With this update also other lines could continued - an interesting line went from Erndtebrück to Netphen to Hoerde/Westpf. Additionally many supplements in different lines came straight out of these family's - many thanks for it.
Please send your supplements to enlarge this homepage more and more. This dates will present with the next update. When the next update will come, is depending from the size of changing in all, because all sides must be connected. All files must get a completely new set up, to keep the functionality between them. A new update is labor-intensive, needs a lot of time and must be done between job, family and other things.

One request out of organizational perspective:
Surprisingly, there will be Christmas again this year. Equally well as birthdays as well as wedding dates that suddenly occur - at least from the question of the right gift.
The authorization document (to bear the coat of arms) is - especially when in a cover - something extraordinary
. Because this cover is handmade, they are not every time available. In the latter case we waited more than 8 weeks (within Germany) and we could not do anything to speed it up.
Please consider this if you plan to have a claim document to a specific date.

Here in

Update for 2013 in preperation

Since the last update many time was gone. Not by this reason nothing happened, butit is more and more difficult to connect lines or part of them to the tree. If the preperation will be finished, than around 6.000 persons connected online. Against this, the amount of not connected people could reduced below 2.500 persons. By the reason, the most of them lived in the 18. and 19. century, the amount of not connected persons will be a multiple of this.

Nevertheless it could set a milesone. The coat of arms of Flender-Family is in registration and is as next in the international coat-of-arms-register. With this a topic is finished whitch arisen again and again questions about it.

The topic coat of arms will be installed as next in the menu-list. In this than the information, how it will be possible for you to parade it. For all persons who are not connected in the family-tree it is not possible to ask for the parade-legitimacy, as long as their affilation is not confirmed. More about it you will finde as next in the new topic coat of arms.

The homepage and the work in it was honored, as it was anounced as source for the towns-family-book of Krombach and the youngest of Ferndorf. Exspecially the book of Krombach was four our homepage very interesting, because we have again no clear relation to the US-line of Flenner-Family. With the against view of the authors into old church documentations and the church-books, the relation could not confirmed, the Johannes Flender of Bockenbach is the same on whom based the US-line of Flenner-Family. This based only on this dates whitch could see in the church-books and does mean, no Johann Flender was christened in this time in Krombach. So the last reason is open, he was born and christened in an other town and parents, brothers and sisters moved to the region of Krombach. The last certainty we can have, if in any time someone will work at the town-familiy-books of Hilchenbach, Siegen and Weidenau.

Update January 2007
Now all lines of "Flenner" out of the book of Dr. Nay are here in. Please feel free to contact me.

Since the last update in December 2006 I`ve got much informations and some of them I could install. Many files (now nearly 20.000) I can not connect, because some informations not at me. My wish for the next time - specially to our family-members in US: Please contact me and give me also your information to fill up this family tree. Everybody is happy to find much answers for his questions, but than is quiet and collect further information. Perhaps with your information you can deliver also answers to others who will be than also happy like you before.


Refresh September 09th 2007

Now more and more parts arrived - withit not so easy to connect this to the main-tree. By this many work at many places and so I constantly refresh sides by sides - at first without a view for the next real update. These to thank all who had given information to me to see this also next time on page.

I think a step in moment to satisfy all who are helping to let grow this page. The next update I`ll give notice here than.

2. update since 06.12.2006 online

The homepage could refreshed again - now more than 4.900 persons published

New in it - the US-line FLENNER, who based at Flender, but the connection-point is not clear right now. If somebody has more information about this Johannes Flender/Flenner (marriage, last name of his wife), please send me a mail with this information.

Also Gen-Wiki  (--> http://wiki.genealogy.net/wiki/Flender)  (in German) the information grow up. Now there are some pictures in and news what will be possible at homepage on next tep. Please, feel free to transmit this page for the English sides.

Once at last. If somebody will finde a mistake at my writing here in, please give me notice about, thanks.

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